The Promises of the Three Sisters

Character list

Mr. Brown
Mrs. Brown
Lucy Alby (née Brown)
Mr. Alby
Allison Alby
Ariana Alby
Ava Alby
Mrs. Rosewood

Chapter 1 — Welcome to a new family

It was a time when Mr. Alby went for his research work to Alaska. He went there through a ship. Near to the city where he was supposed to do his research work, was an orphanage. He asked the caregiver about the little girl who was crying there. The caregiver replied that her parents had drowned in a ship. He then thought, “Poor little girl; sad to know her parents were drowned in the sea. Let me take her to the home once I finish my research.”

He thought of taking her home after he finishes his work. The time he reached home, he said to Lucy, “See whom I have brought with me.”

“So sweet little angel. By the way, where have you found her?” asked Lucy. “In an orphanage, near my research center.” said he. “Thanks for bringing her in our home. From now on, we will take care of this sweet girl.” remarked Lucy.

Mr. Alby smiled and asked, “Should we keep her name, Allison Alby?” “That’s a good one.” said Lucy cheerfully. From then, they decided to make her a part of their family.

After a few days, Lucy asked Mr. Alby, “Why not we go to the orphanage that is located near to this city and feed the children?” Mr. Alby readily agreed. Just as soon as they reached the orphanage, they saw two little children in a pitiful condition. The caregiver pointed to one of them and said to Mr. and Mrs. Alby that she was born to a family of good dancers but due to a car accident they both died. Lucy and Mr. Alby felt sorry hearing this sad incident. The caregiver then pointed to other one and said,“ Her parents died in a plane crash when she was just one year old. She was then with her grandmother in her home. When her grandmother was sick, she had admitted her in this orphanage. Later, her grandmother died and she was raised by us. Now, a year has passed and she is two years old.” Hearing this, they were very sad. So they decided to take them home. They gave some food and clothes to the other children in the orphanage as well.

When they returned home, they thought of naming the other two children, Ariana Alby and Ava Alby.

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