The Promises of the Three Sisters

Dear Readers, this is the third chapter of my story. In case, if you have not read the first and the second chapters yet, then please check them out.

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Mr. Brown
Mrs. Brown
Lucy Alby (née Brown)
Mr. Alby
Allison Alby
Ariana Alby
Ava Alby
Mrs. Rosewood


There lived a middle-aged man named Mr. Brown. He, with his wife and his daughter, inhabited in a small cottage in the northern region of America. When his daughter, Lucy Brown, married a man named Mr. Alby, they adopted three daughters.

Chapter 3 — The Three Sisters Vow

One day, Ava asked, “How is everything going on, Ariana?” “Everything is fine and I am enjoying my dance classes a lot,” answered Ariana. “Nice to hear that,” said Ava. Allison asked her sisters, “Well, I don’t know whether I will be able to do it or not but my heart says that I love painting. Umm, I think I’d better be an artist. Yes, artist. What do you all think?”

“It’s a great idea. We are sure you will be able to accomplish that,” said Ariana. “You know, I am really very happy that you both have set such amazing goals. My support will be there for both of you. However, I too think that I should set my plans for future or it will be very late by then. And, I think I would better become a writer,” said Ava. Allison exclaimed, “Oh brilliant! We both will support you too, isn’t Ariana?” Ariana replied, “Why not? We all will support each other and one day we will get ourselves established. We will help the world and its people.”

Then Ava said, “We vow to do the right thing and establish ourselves. We vow that we will save this world and its people from any kind of evildoing. We have set our goals and it is the time that we do something.” Her two sisters agreed and said, “We vow.

They went to tell their mother about their goals. Mother was indeed very happy to hear this from three of them. She said, “If you need any help, just tell me. I will try my best to arrange it for you.” “Thank you very much, Mum”, they replied. Four of them were very happy.

A good news arrived at that time. Their father, Mr. Alby, had sent a letter saying that he will be home by the next day.

Dear Daughters,

I hope you all are very well as Christmas is near. I will be home by tomorrow and together we will celebrate our Christmas. We will also give some gifts to the children in the orphanages nearby. Take care all of you and I also hope that you all are very happy. Merry Christmas!

From Your Dear Daddy

They all were very delighted reading this. There was happiness in the full family. Everyone was getting ready for Christmas and it also had a scenic beauty because of the snowfall!

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Dear Readers, wishes for Christmas from me and from ‘the Alby family’ as well! Merry Christmas to all of you. Stay safe and may the Lord shower his blessings upon us. Let the New Year be a new fresh beginning. And my next chapters will be uploaded soon. Thank you for your patience and support!

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