We often regret about the matters of our past. As a student, in my perspective, I am giving you an example — Suppose you have scored very poor marks in a subject and you keep on regretting about it. But have you ever thought whether it will help or not…

I am Avisikta Roy, a fourteen-year-old girl. This article is all about responsibility and how it matters to me.

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What is responsibility?

-it is a duty which we are supposed to do.

The very basic thing is that I am here in this world in order to fulfill my duties. Each one of us has some duties which we must fulfill.

In my school, I am assigned many duties- from my studies…

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The sight of the vast mountain range
filled me with awe—
Different from that of the skyline of cities,
The smell of the grass was nostalgic;
Hardly do we get anything like that now!

White snow covered the peaks,
With tall trees all around.
It seems they are touching the sky,
and pleasant breezes bound.

At night, it is the moonlit sky—
And the snow shines like silver glitters;
On a rainy day, it is the petrichor
which calms my soul,
And I keep dancing imperfectly perfect!

Written by Avisikta Roy

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Experience nature
The sweet, fresh air is mild
Eyes closed, feeling…

Written by Avisikta Roy

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Good habits that we develop,
Are required in every field of life;
Kindness, sympathy and honesty,
Are the values we should abide.

By creating a healthy bond,
We love and care;
All are happy,
Because there is help and share.

This is an everlasting bond,
That remains for eternity;
When there is peace,
We inculcate spirituality and positivity.

Written by Avisikta Roy

A Couplet

Image by Josh Boot on Unsplash

You are the light,
Who fades the darkness and turn things bright

You are the peace,
Where the injustice cease.

You are the brilliant soul,
Where positivity comes as a whole.

You are the one, the world sought,
You are the gift of God.

Written by Avisikta Roy

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We conceal the brilliant abilities,
With which we were born,
Refraining ourselves from those activities,
With all the chances gone.

Realising our wrong choice,
We have second thoughts,
Pondering for a while,
A new plan concocts.

We walk through the way,
Where our talents take us,
Practicing and practicing,
From dawn to dusk.

Everyone is born with a talent,
For us to sparkle,
Not to conceal,
But to resolve the hurdle.

Written by Avisikta Roy

In hard times, we feel afraid
Of losing everything.
Our minds do not concentrate,
But we force them to.
Yet we feel the fear,
And hope for something good.

It is the comfort that we wish for,
To make ourselves feel optimistic.
We think of giving up,
But our heart says to persist.

We agree,
And begin to climb up again,
We know the way is steep,
But the solace that we get from our heart,
Helps us to move on,

Written by Avisikta Roy

Image: Unsplash

Vibrant flowers,
Graciously clear sky,
Greenery on all sides,
And a river flowing by.

Quaint cottage,
Enchanting woodland,
Dreamy and exquisite,
Fresh to feel and understand.

Calm and quiet,
Breezy and bright,
The nature is filled with serenity,
And I am lost in the tranquility.

Written by Avisikta Roy

Dear Readers, this is the fourth chapter of my story. In case, if you have not read the previous chapters yet, then please check them out.

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Avisikta Roy

amidst everything, i take out some time to write :)

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